Notes from the Hill



Summer Worship Schedule:

Given that many of us have travel and other outdoor plans, we will be focusing our worship time to gather as many of us as possible on a few select dates.

For June, July and August, we will be holding our regular sanctuary worship service on the first Sunday of each month:

June 3
July 1
August 5




Office hours for summer (June, July and August):

Wednesday  10:30 - 1:30

Other days: please send an e-mail or call 203-629-3876 and leave a voicemail message. 
We will respond in 24 hours.




Our trials of Biblical characters were interesting, thought provoking, and even entertaining. You are invited to watch some of them!

The People v. Eve for Committing the Original Sin:
The People v. the Vineyard Owner for Unfair Labor Practices:
The People v. the Disciples for Working on the Sabbath: