First Church of Round Hill in Greenwich, CT is a Christian community, rich in heritage, open and caring, bound together by our faith.

Come worship with us!



  • SAVE THE DATE: On November, 9th we are hosting a Pot Luck Dinner for our missionaries Rev. David Persons and Lorene Persons from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Also attending will be Rev. Day and Rev. Manchester both of whom have extensive experience in Africa including the DRC.

  • The Administrative Council is meeting this Sunday following Coffee Hour



  • Our next "This I Believe" Coffee & Conversation Book Group will meet November 3rd at 10:30-11:00am





worship services


Below you will find our proposed calendar for worship.

December 3rd: 10am - First Sunday of Advent, Blessing of the Advent Wreath, Lighting First candle of Advent, and Holy Communion

December 10th: 10am - Second Sunday of Advent, Lighting of Second candle of Advent

December 17th: 10am - Third Sunday of Advent, Lighting of Third Candle of Advent

December 24th: 5:30pm - Christmas Eve Service of Lessons and Carols, Lighting of the Christ Candle

---JANUARY 2024---
January 7th - 10am: Epiphany and New Year's Service of Worship and Holy Communion

January 14th: 10am - MLK & Human Relations Sunday

January 21st: 10am - Third Sunday after the Epiphany

January 28th: 10am - Fourth Sunday after the Ephipany

worship services

"The world these days is obsessed with dividing people. It's always some version of us against them. It drives an addiction to conflict, the temptation to call opponents evil." The real world, God's world, isn't like that."

These words of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, serve to remind us of the gift and value of in person worship. May we recall and give thanks for the reminder of Galatians " for you are all one in Christ".