Christian Stewardship

At the First Church of Round Hill we believe Christian stewardship and Christian giving work hand in hand. Generosity is one of the primary ways in which Christians evidence the fruit of the Spirit at work in our lives. We recognize that a Christian who commits to giving as much as possible towards God's work, as soon as possible, faces a major challenge as a steward over God's resources. With a multitude of Christian ministries that could be supported, how does one choose just which ministries to support in order to make the most effective use of God's resources? As such, Christian stewardship requires some kind of success measurement. We live in a society that values results, most of us are inclined to support ministries that produce good tangible and visible results. Whether those results are measured in terms of how many people made professions of faith, how many Bibles were distributed, how many hungry people were fed, how many students were educated or some other measure relevant to a particular ministry, they are the main standard by which most people judge a ministry. The better the results demonstrated by ministries we have supported, the more confident we feel that we have wisely exercised our stewardship responsibilities. Even the focus many of us place on financial efficiency, evaluating such criteria as the share of a ministry's budget devoted to fundraising and administrative expenses, is generally a focus on results, as a more financially efficient ministry should produce better results for each dollar contributed than a less financially efficient ministry.

At the First Church of Round Hill we believe:

  • Giving should always be voluntary. As Christians we are exhorted to give as part of our spiritual growth, but never forced to give in any amount or way.
  • Giving should be proportional to one's income. Giving beyond one's ability or to the point of debt is unbiblical and can lead to financial bondage. This is not to say that God won't test our faith and ask us to give more than usual, but scripture clearly instructs us to give out of what God has already given to us.
  • Giving entails accountability. It is important to know how His money will be used to benefit the Kingdom.
  • Giving is always motivated by our love for God and our love for others. Giving must never be motivated by selfish gain or recognition.

Giving demands great faith. Giving of our resources reflects our trust in God's provision. Our faith and reliance on God is increased when we are able to give and see God's faithfulness. God wants us to put our total trust in Him and not find our security in money and possessions. God is indeed all-powerful, and He needs nothing from us. However, He helps us grow in spiritual maturity by inviting us to play a part in His plans and purposes through our giving. As Christians, we give not out of guilt or coercion. We give out of a profound sense of wanting to share in the love and blessing God has already bestowed on us. Whether the amount is great or small, our obedience in giving brings forth joy and enlarges our faith.


Volunteers are indispensable at the First Church of Round Hill. It is through the work of dedicated members who support and offer their services that the church’s vital programs get accomplished.

Volunteer positions are open to all individuals who meet the qualifications for each volunteer position without reference to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or condition of handicap. Most volunteer areas require approximately two to three hours per week during program hours. There are many opportunities available for offering your time and talent. Listed below are a few possibilities where you can help others and receive the blessing of new friends.


  • Friendly Connection
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Pacific House

Committees / Ministries

  • Building and Grounds
  • Christian Education
  • Finance and Stewardship
  • Music and Worship
  • Personnel

Round Hill Cemetery Association

  • Church members serve on a board overseeing the operation of the historic cemetery located across the street from the church.

When you check the vital signs of a truly healthy church, you will discover a growing and thriving volunteer force serving with passion and enthusiasm. Please consider one or more of the opportunities to serve God and others. After identifying an opportunity that aligns with your talents and gifts, reach out to us at 203-629-3876 and we will contact you promptly.